Laboratorios Qualy Pharma & GOMEI are the new image and heirs of more than thirty five years of business expe-rence on a foundation of sound human values and principles of Laboratories Profar.

Qualy Pharma, dedicated to the manufacture of OTC pharmaceutical products, meeting the requirements of nearly thirty thousand Drug Stores in Mexico through the main dealers.
GOMEI producing Essential Garlic & Onion Oils meeting all the requirements of the Food, Flavoring, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry in several countries and actually, with a great success, in the Agricultural Industry for phytosanitary treatment.

Both working under the strictest standards of Quality, Safety and Hygiene.

Qualy Pharma GOMEI are supported with highly qualified staff, strict quality control in all the process, updated equipment, advanced technology, adequate infrastructure, personalized customer service, facts that have allowed us
to win and keep faithful customers.

We are not only a supplier, we will be your commercial partner concerned with our objectives ; maintain quality, research, international timely delivery, competitive price, packaging as well as globalization of our trademarks .
We are twin companies: Qualy Pharma & Gomei in full development, compromised and willing to comply with the specific expectations and demands of all our customers and consumers.